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Modus Novum is devoted to supporting creative bootstrappers.
We provide affordable services and tools to help you make the most of your resources.

We are passionate in helping early stage businesses, non-profits, solopreneurs, and freelancers grow and make powerful impact with their communities. Modus Novum is a fully remote team based in Denver, Colorado, led by Chief of Operations, Michael Naro. We specialize in affordable web, tech, and writing services focusing in sustainable workflows for your projects.

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Contact us at the bottom of this page for all service inquiries! We look forward to serving you and your team!


What We Offer

Geography & Geospatial

  GIS Analysis and Data Management

  Environmental Assessments

  Data Analysis & Communication

  Focus Research & Academia

  Non-Profit & SMB Advocacy

Web & Digital Media

  Web Design, Emails, Domains, Hosting

  WordPress, Webflow, and Custom

  Visual/Audio/Video Content

  Headless CMS with Ghost & Gatsby

  Content Strategy

Writing & Editing

  Sales & Brand Copywriting

  Ghostwriting, Technical, & Academic

  Content Design for Tabletop Games, Board Games, Video Games

  Live Interactive Events

  Proofreading & Editing

Coaching & Support

  Remote Work & Freelancing

  Bootstrapping Your Solo Business

  Digital Productivity Management

  Mac & MacOS Support & Training

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Integrated Movement Practice

Move Better Together
MuveSpace Community


What Others Say

"(Michael) has extensive industry experience and calls upon his key strengths to make informed decisions and execute on high quality projects. His work is unmatched in quality, passion and follow-on support. I can't think of a more reliable, skilled and passionate stakeholder for executing on important projects and enterprise wide programs. He's the best of the best and what every client looks for in a strategic partnership."
- Stephan, Global Production Manager

“Michael was referred to me from a mutual client of ours and we have been continuously working together since. He is strategic, experimental, and focused with quality deliverables. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone for positive drive and joy to their workflow!”
- Saya, Lead Operations Manager, Vera Solutions

"Exceptional process and personality: Michael's communication is prompt and invested throughout the life of collaboration. He approaches execution with discipline and focus, and inserts amicable lightness and realism in well calculated interaction. Our work together exceeded every limitation of valuable, productive assessment."
- Mikayla, Resource & Asset Specialist

"Michael has been one of the most memorable colleagues I have ever worked with. In addition to his work ethic, he has a unique ability to keep a positive attitude in situations where most people would otherwise gripe about an issue. He is extremely smart, outgoing, and one of the most motivated colleagues I have ever had. I’m grateful for the time we worked together."
- Brittney, Lead Geospatial Analyst

"I always enjoyed collaborating with Michael because he is supportive, nonjudgmental, and a creative problem solver. Best of all, he radiates positivity. You can't NOT smile when interacting with him! I feel truly proud to have known a unique person like him in my lifetime.”
- Lauren, Senior Geospatial Analyst

"Michael is determined to produce high-quality results and his time management skills are unmatched. He consistently offers a unique perspective, which often includes finding humor in difficult situations. More importantly, he truly cares for the people he works with."
- Gabriel, Lead Kinesiologist, MuveSpace

"I have worked with Mike on several projects, including my business website. He is incredibly patient with questions and complex issues. Traffic to my site has improved, and I receive comments every week about how beautiful and easy it is to use. His ability to teach is second to none and I became confident enough to update my website on my own. I highly recommend any service he offers."
- Jonathan, Founder, Learned Lemur

"I had the great pleasure to work with Michael. While we worked well together analyzing satellite imagery and creating imagery mosaics to meet our customers' needs, Michael was also my partner in compiling, analyzing, and delivering metrics. I found him an incredible teammate, not just because of his attention to detail, but even more due to his vivacious and lively personality."
- Susan, Geospatial Analyst

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